Rick yune dating

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Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, The Clock King, the Triad... Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting and you're not done fighting! And to remind myself why I fight, every day, to give this city's most desperate a chance.

And when you did, you said it was because you understood the kind of man I am.

The people who are destroying it from the inside need to be erased from the map. Slade: I want you to arrange to receive another sample of my blood, and than you can mass produce the serum again. Slaves to self-interested politicians and their lobbyist puppeteers. [Remotely blows up a building]Oliver: Felicity, it's not that.

There is noting you can do to stop what is about to happen. This city needs what is about to happen in order to survive. As far as they're concerned, she's already framed a picture on our lobby wall. To long have the people of this city suffered under the shackles of a corrupt government.

If I'm going to be Oliver Queen CEO, then I can't very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.

William Tockman: The strongest of all warriors are these two - time and patience.

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