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The diva posted a series of stylish snapshots to her Instagram account on Sunday, December 17 […] When Sophia Bush left Chicago P. at the end of season 4, she gave no explanation to fans — and isn’t quite ready to do so, yet.However, during a podcast interview on Monday, December 18, the actress reveals a bit more about saying goodbye.(ASCAP) Courtesy of The Go Go's Under License from EMI Film & TV Music See more » I haven't read all of the users' comments, but the ones I HAVE read seem to not quite get the point of the film. I personally was laughing all the way through it (except of course during the bathtub scene which I thought was gruesomely fantastic in its portrayal).

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Will Farrah Abraham be able to mend the relationship between her daughter and her mother?

If you hated it, and it wasn't for you, just think: You could've seen the NC-17 version.

Otherwise, don't knock the "shallowness" and "emptiness" of the characters or the actors please; that's not what it was about, and it's not what the book intended.

Her slutty roommate, Lara, has the hots for Victor as well. Whether it be her dreamy Victor or even Sean Bateman... This movie isn't about answers, it is about transformations.

Paul Denton, who used to date Lauren, is openly bisexual and attracted to Mitchell Allen, who's dating Candice to prove to Paul that he's not gay. She wants to feel complete, to know what sex fully is. By the end of the movie, after the serial betrayals, she's aged a decade in just a semester. The changes." See more » Lust to Love Performed by The Go-Go's (as The Go Go's) Written by Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin Published by BMG Songs, Inc. Not to mention the mystery behind it: Bret Easton Ellis is a brilliant writer, yet all the movie adaptations suck mighty.

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