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According to tribal historians, his land adjoined a tract held by Chief Wahaganoche and another by his daughter Christian Pettus who married John Martin.

Christian was the name of Thomas's sister and grandmother (Norwich records). Notes for DABNEY PETTUS: "The Overton Family," Andrew Meade of Ireland and Virginia, p. Anne Pettus, who married Joseph Eggleston, is said to have been adaughter of Dabney, or John Pettus, and his wife, Anne Overton.

I apologize for getting confused over this so I decided simply to quote this source who has chosen to remain anonymous.

I don't mean to put all the blame on you, because you relied upon supposedly authoritative sources dating back to the early 20th C.

He expresses surprise that this connection, which is "sacred tradition" for three distinct native American tribes in Virginia, is also known by certain members of the Pettus family who had heard it from their grandparents!

For example, Thomas held a large tract of land in what is now Stafford County, Virginia.

Thomas II was the father of Elizabeth Pettus , who was also left an orphan when Thomas died abroad in 1687. She was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Gurney, 1661. 1656 in Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia, and died 1690 in Lunenburg, Virginia. and Register of Ancestors and Members of the Society of Colonial Dames in the State of Virginia". The "release" was not within it when found and we do not know what price Mr. In 1700 he was "of Blissland Parish, New Kent" when he signed a "lease-re lease" deed for "Littleton" and "Utopia" in favor of his stepmother's 2nd husband, James Bray . He deeded Louisa lands to sons, Dabney, John and George. In 1761 John Pettus deeded "for love" to George Terry, had on his bond Dabney Pettus, son of Stephen. Stephen Pettus, of Hanover's sons, all left Hanover and Louisa. There in 1792 a Stephen Pettus married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Adams. 1 DEST Boddie, Historical Southern Families, Vol I.

Elizabeth died unmarried and still a minor sometime before 1700. This lineage of Pettuses of Norwich shows how Virginia Pettuses were related to their neighbors, --the Sandyses, Burwells, Dabneys, Bacons, Rolfes, and Wyatts. 65;-- Lyeing near Jockey Neck, bounded E and N upon Secretary's land, ENE and NNE upon Mr . Capt Thomas Pettus, one of his Majestie' s Council of State, 886 acres., James City Co. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH DABNEY, daughter of John DABNEY and ELIZABETH. This deed is something of a mystery, quite lengthy but not complete. And, oddly, as they went elsewhere, Overton Pettuses moved into Hanover and Louisa, and are known as the Pettuses of Louisa. Notes for ANN OVERTON: 1 AUTH "The Early Descendants of William Overton and Elizabeth Waters of Virginia, and 1 AGNC Allied and Allied Families" published 1938 by W. There appeared in the genealogical columns of the Times Dispatch of Sept.5 and 12, 1915, a very interesting article by Mr. Cary in his article, giving "the family of Samuel Overton, who married Miss Carr", states : "In the Virginia Land office there is record of a deed for land on 'south and north folks o f Elk Creek, 7 January,1725, to William Overton, son of Samuel Overton, sometime of New Kent County'.

That historian thought that Ka-Okee had married Theodore Pettus of Norwich and Jamestown. In any case, nothing on record indicates that the possible first wife was Elizabeth Dabney, as has often been claimed by early family historians. It would appear in the references cited that Dabney Pettus, b. TH OMAS PETTUS, SR., and second that most probably hisname was JOHN, and not Dabney, or possibl y he may have had both names, thus JOHN DABNEY PETTUS.

We are fortunate to have the few that have survived, so we are forced to piece together family lineages based upon fragmentary evidence. Item, I do give and bequeath unto Bridgett Saltonstall my grandchild the sum of one hundred pounds and unto Susan Saltonstall my granchild one hundred pounds and unto Christian Saltonstall my grandchild one hundred pounds to be paid unto them at their several ages of eighteen year s of days of marriage, which shall first happen. John Pettus, son of Dabney, was living in Louisia Co., Va.

That is one reason that the genealogy of early generations in colonial Virginia is so difficult. My cousin Thomas Potter and Anne his wife shall have the use of the corner nessuage in the parish of St. 5, 6, 48 Note: Authorities disagree as to the identity of the wife of Dabney Pettus , b. in 1751, and is shown by the family chart to have married Mary Minor of Virginia. 1770, mentions the following issue: Samuel Overton Pettus, a soldier in the Revolution, who married Amy Duke,and had a son Hugh , born in 1789; died in 1864 in Cumberland o.

Since there was no other evidence to the contrary, the available evidence met the so-called Genealogical Proof Standard adopted some years ago by professional genealogists. Notes for ANN OVERTON: 1 AUTH "The Early Descendants of William Overton and Elizabeth Waters of Virginia, and 1 AGNC Allied and Allied Families" published 1938 by W. THOMAS PETTUS, of "Littleton", the Councilor of 1641-1660. Cary, being a descendant and a very skillful genealogist, was probably right. Genealogies Our records state that Thomas Pettus married first Elizabeth Dabney, ands econd, Mourning Glenn. ) The children of the first marriage are the same you named, but Dabney is mentioned first, as tho' he were the eldest.

An online query by a tribal historian regarding the identity of Christian Pettus's father led this source to do some last-minute research. And very probably sons Stephen ("the first Stephen") and John of Rapahannock and New Kent. His will, 1729, names daughter Mary Pettus, and grandson Dabney Pettus, son of Stephen Pettus." In 1720 Hanover was set off from New Kent. He may have gone to Jefferson Co., which became the state of Kentucky. And this settles two points; first that ANNE OVERTON'S husband was a grandson of COLN. This is the way our s reads: DABNEY PETTUS, born in Virginia, married Anne Overton of Virginia. William Pettus, Stephen Pettus, Susan Pettus,and Ann Pettus, who married Edmund Eggleston of V a.

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