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"We're business-casual."A day earlier, in a bland brown-walled trailer in a MIS television compound intersected by cables from two networks' sprawling operations, lead NBC producer Matt Marvin stood among reporters, directors and on-air talent.

The collection was sizeable, and credentialed, Marvin an Emmy Award-winning NFL producer, whose list of questions had only lengthened following an afternoon directing this NASCAR mission.

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Moments earlier, in glass-walled booth 402B atop Michigan International Speedway, the former Daytona 500-winning crew chief, lead NBC announcer Rick Allen and co-analyst Jeff Burton had dissected the minutia of Ryan Newman's short pit stop as the first wave of storm fronts descended upon the Sprint Cup race."OK, how can I make this simple for the guy at home? ""There was no actual guy at home, at least not one Letarte could reach. In an unprecedented marshaling of equipment and manpower, NBC Sports was undertaking a phantom broadcast in conjunction with Fox to practice full-scale before the network broadcasts a NASCAR race live this weekend for the first time since 2006.

About 50 NBC executives would watch the broadcast, with NBC Sports/NBCSN executive producer Sam Flood passing along "points and agendas" to his on-air talent.

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His on-air talent, Flood said, knew how to fill time.Its investment was nearly double that of Fox, which extended its term eight more years in 2013. But in a transitional era for motorsports where sanctioning bodies like NASCAR and Indy Car — which NBC also broadcasts in a shared package with ABC and ESPN — continue to grope for fans, particularly younger ones, television ratings and corporate sponsors, .4 billion was viewed by many insiders as a legacy-making coup for NASCAR chairman Brian France and a risk for the network.NASCAR seemed eager for the network's return at Michigan, as vice chairman Mike Helton entered the booth — by happenstance just as Allen, Burton and Letarte had finished a rehearsal — shook hands with each and assured them, "you guys are pros."So why did NBC opt to return and spend so lavishly to do so?Other factors that play into creating a successful venture are access to outside resources such as mentorship and raising funds.The Startup Camp Program can help take your business to the next level through our weekly active coaching sessions and through access to our established network of VC’s, Investors, Corporations and other Silicon Valley Players.

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