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I hold a temporary long-stay visa “with residence permit exemption”. The type D long-stay visa issued by France or by another Schengen Area country allows travel in the Schengen Area during the validity of the visa for stays not exceeding 3 months per period of 6 months, subject to submitting documentary evidence for the reasons of your stay and your means of support.

This applies to all long-stay visas marked “D” during their period of validity, namely: temporary long-stay visa, visa for minors attending school, long-stay visa constituting a residence permit, etc. You must submit your visa application in person to the French consular office in your usual country of residence; you cannot apply by post. Can I send my passport to the consulate in my usual country of residence to extend my stay in France? You must return to your usual country of residence to submit a new visa application.

To apply for a long-stay visa of definite duration (long-stay visa constituting a residence permit), your passport must be valid for as long as the visa.

You will only be allowed into the visa department if you can present a properly completed and signed visa application form.

How do I enter the visa department to submit an application?

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