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This amazing place is actually managed by an Italian expat, so you can be sure that the food is 100% Italian style and delicious.

This place is really really good, and for me it’s perfect for a lunch date.

He is busy on a holiday in Norway with girlfriend Ankita Konwar.

And this sparked a debate on Twitter due to the age difference of the couple. Here are the pictures: Jaggery, sugar substitute yet again? MPs Tollywood stars attend World Telugu Conference Exciting schedule for Prabhas’ Saaho Beware!

Here the food and the coffee are out of this world, and the staff is extremely friendly.

La Taza is a good choice because it’s quiet and small, so you and your date can chat for hours without being disturbed Paraiso: This small, amazing new cafe is perfect for spending your afternoon talking, drinking awesome coffee and eating exquisite pastries.

- I turned 22 in January - He is currently 18...19 in August i certainly wouldn't want to date a guy who's 26. I'm attracted to him and he seems nice but I said no because of the age difference.

Do you think there's a noticeable age different of any sort?

Milind Soman ruled hearts in the 90s and is still doing so with his talent, great physique, and not to mention his Greek God looks. While there are people outraging at this, there are still numerous people who have come guns blazing to the defence of Milind Soman saying that the outrage is not justified as both of them are consenting adults and have the right to choose who they want to be with, no matter the age. So, I decided to help you by creating a list of some places where I, as a Colombian woman, like to go.I’ve divided the list into four categories of places to take a date, depending on what kind of date you want to have: This beautiful, small cafe is located in Laureles.The evening will kick off with a drinks mixer, followed by an array of hilarious games to help you get to know your future potential partner in crime!This is the perfect opportunity to find a mate that is most compatible for you, using specially selected methods to determine the - 7.00pm: Drinks mixer - 7.30pm: Game #1 - 8.00pm: Game #2 - 8.30pm: Drinks mixer pt.2 - 9.00pm: Game #3 - 9.30pm: Game #4 - 10.00pm: Movie Please contact [email protected] to book your place on this evening.

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