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Scrumhalf of the day, Declan Molloy, had an unenviable task, not only had he to fight the opposition team for possession of the ball but his own pack as well.Trust is essential in team sport - just don't give the ball to the backs.Primarily, we remember Willie Duggan for what he did on the pitch.The first senior match I played in with him was against St Mary's in Stradbrook.I'm not sure who was responsible for building those old dressing rooms in Stradbrook, perhaps a long lost cousin once removed from the Marquis de Sade.The long corridor with the dressing rooms at the perpendicular was right at the apex of the prevailing north wind.

Another quick look at that team-sheet - Fergus Slattery and Willie Duggan - Five Nations champions, Lions Test winners. I opened the dressing-room finding it empty except for the familiar face of HP Mac Neill wandering lonely as a cloud.

It took about five or six minutes before order was restored. Nobody in that dressing-room could have said such a thing and got away with it apart from Willie Duggan. Subconsciously I may have embellished everything that we thought we knew about the man by re-telling this story. He had a fag in his hand coming into the dressing room. He said and did simple things which immediately were immortalised into popular rugby culture.

Surely his legacy demands a little bit more introspection?

The dressing-room gets an awful lot smaller as Ned Byrne and Willie Duggan arrive.

Willie has a cigarette in his mouth; he surveys the room and fixes his gaze on Hugo. Willie had graduated magna cum laude in straight-talking from the University of 'This is the way it is'.

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