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“It’s about establishing a new political style, a new culture.It is our task to work with all others for our country,” Kurz told his supporters, without revealing which way he was leaning on coalition talks.

Kurz rebranded the OVP as the New People's Party and changed its colours from black to turquoise.As discussed earlier, Austria's young conservative star, Sebastian Kurz, is now assured of becoming the country's next leader, projections of Sunday’s parliamentary election result showed, but his party is far short of a majority and is likely to seek a coalition with the resurgent far right.To his supporters, Kurz is Austria’s Macron: a one-man political phenomenon who is the only thing standing between the country’s resurgent nationalists and power.We were handed a great responsibility from the voters, and we should all be aware of it.We should also be aware that a lot of people have put their hopes into our movement.

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