Eye lens replacement accommodating

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Additionally, the Acry Sof® IQ Re STOR® IOL clinical studies indicate that over 95% of the study subjects were so satisfied with their new quality vision that they would have the Acry Sof® IQ Re STOR® IOL implanted again.

Disclaimer: Each patient has unique visual characteristics and requires the consultation of a qualified eye surgeon before determining what treatment modality is best.

I like art and visiting galleries and watching foreign films so my eyesight was stopping me doing a lot of the things I love.

“I wore prescription glasses since the age of seven, but I work with children with autism and they grab at them a lot.

Previous multi-focal lenses which can correct near and far vision have produced halo bursts and glare and there is a notable jump when switching rather than the smooth focus of a natural eye.

98 per cent said they never needed glasses for distance vision, 96 per cent for middle distance and 73 per cent for near distance.

The lenses cost around £3,900 per eye and are not yet funded by the NHS.

As we perform daily activities such as reading, watching television or working at the computer, our eyes are constantly focusing on objects at varying distances – up close, far away and everything in-between.

The ability to quickly change focus throughout this range of vision is called accommodation.

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