Chat rooms without credit card

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So if you buy 0 in-store, that’s 300 points, which gets you a reward. The rewards are lousy, only 1% back on purchases, even Stein Mart purchases.

It looks like the big draw with this one is periodic 10% discounts on purchases.

My final point: Synchrony’s marketing varies strongly from card to card.

The Gap brands cards, for example, seem to get a lot of good marketing offers, while I’ve received no offers whatsoever on my Dillard’s Amex since the first month. 5% back for in-store purchases at Gap brands stores, 1% elsewhere. I got it after reading the write-up by Miles Abound wherein he details the ridiculously generous promotions offered for this card.

With Comenity, on the other hand, my first card had a five-figure line, and my second one was mid-four figures.

Which is to say, manufactured spending and/or large purchases may be more difficult with this bank.

I recently received a rewards certificate (I have no idea why, by the way, as I have no recollection of using the card recently, though frankly my memory tends to suck for the first year of each of our children’s lives) and it expires soon. The redemption options look like you’ll get less than a penny per cent, however, which is what this guy says as well. Here’s one that doesn’t get much attention as it should since it offers 5% back on gas purchases (up to ,000 per year) with no annual fee. Note that there is a business version of this card as well as a personal.

I called back half an hour later hoping to get a hold of somebody more competent only to be connected to exactly the same rep I had talked to before. I’ve never experienced anything like this with a bank before: it felt like he was the only employee and I was the only customer.

The point is, CSR roulette may be a little more difficult with Comenity.

A few months ago I received an offer for 200 points (i.e.

worth of gift certificates) per purchase on the card, capped at 5,000 points. A couple of days ago I received an offer for when swiping my card anywhere outside of the Gap brands stores.

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