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Students and love experts share the ins and outs of building your confidence, making the first move, hookups, relationships and much more.

After your first read, you’ll know: • How to land your dream girl • How to pick up bros when you’re a bro • What you don’t know about sex • How to slide into the DM’s • Gifts your SO actually wants • How to make love last …everything else that you’re too afraid to ask your friends You’re just one click away from being the dating guru your mom never wanted you to be.

You’re still standing at the bar at last call, while the girl of your dreams is stumbling out on the arm of a frat bro. Dennis Procopio, founder of meets one-on-one with millennials to help them gain confidence in dating.

A graduate of Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC, Procopio started coaching professionally 15 years ago.

CM: How important is money when it comes to impressing girls?

Those are the people that you’re genuinely compatible with.DP: Self-love is the number one problem that men have. Learning to love yourself comes from learning to be healing. More and more niche dating apps seem to be popping up everywhere these days.First-hand experience will only get you so far, and calling up dear old mom to ask about navigating pregnancy isn’t something I’m interested in. It’s easy and entertaining to read, and there’s something for everyone who cracks the cover.”“Left Swipes & Love gives college kids a real genuine guide to finding love in college, written by college kids themselves!I know what I’m getting everyone for their birthday this year (Sorry dad, you’re not getting one).” Everyone wants to be the Barney of the friend group, but unfortunately most of us are Ted’s.

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