Who is ashley olsen currently dating

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She is best known for her role in the hit tv show, Full House.Ashley along wih her sister stared the company Dualstar in which they created and prodcued many movies and shows.Ashley’s ideal man is any man who is older than her. She tends to go for older men because the are more sophisticated and understanding.Ashley has been a bridesmaid many times but never a bride.

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But she also has something interesting about her as she is proficient with writing too and is a successful producer and a business woman.

Fans are up and down with the new loves of Ashley’s life.

She is constantly changing beaus but the one thing that fans can count on is the age gaps between Ashley and her boyfriends.

She has established herself as a successful woman with her names associated as founder of different fashion brands like The Row, Elizabeth and James, Olsenboye and Style Mint.

Her mother Jarnette was a personal manager while her father David Olsen was a real estate developer and mortgage banker.

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